Saturday, Feb 23 2019

We make a path by walking

The London Poverty Research Centre @ King’s is focused on working with citizens, community partners, and decision-makers to create knowledge and action about Poverty Reduction, Precarious Work, and Mental Health, Addictions, and Homelessness. By being a partner for research alongside community partners working for positive social change, we contribute to the conversations around poverty, and help produce the necessary social, economic, educational and political tools to support initiatives working to end poverty in London & Middlesex.

Our Research Approaches

We live in a time when there is more data available on poverty than ever before, yet the lives of those living in poverty remain static. It’s apparent that the poverty research pertaining specifically to London has not been sufficient in helping to identify our unique challenges when decision-makers are looking for more local evidence to develop a clearer picture of what is needed to effectively combat poverty.

The LPRC employs innovative research approaches that seek to change how research is developed and mobilized for community change. Living Research allows us to respond to emergent trends by applying data to real time conditions in our community. Community Based Participatory Research encourages engagement and full participation of community partners and community members in every aspect of the research process from question identification to analysis and dissemination.