Tuesday, Apr 23 2019


Ending Poverty In London


The London Poverty Research Centre @ King’s (LPRC) is focused on working with citizens, researchers, community partners, and decision-makers to create knowledge and action targeting our key areas of focus: Poverty Reduction, Precarious Workand Homelessness.  Working with our partners the goal at the LPRC is to use research, knowledge mobilization, and community organizing tools to expose the reality of poverty in London, propose solutions to such problems, and advocate to move solutions forward. 

Our Approach

The LPRC employs innovative research and community organizing approaches that are intended to mobilize the community toward positive change.  This includes the task of better understanding the context of poverty in London as well as best-practices in creating change in community and policy responses. We categorize our work along four main types of research.

1. Lived Experience - We highly value the experiences and voices of those experiencing poverty and believe that lived experience provides special insight into how we should understand poverty. We look for every opportunity to amplify these voices, whether through research, governance, or mobilization of these voices into the broader public. 

2. Action Research - Action research helps local communities build capacity for creating social change and provides ongoing support and reflection on what is working and what is not.  Action research not only builds a base of knowledge of 'best practices' but focuses on embedding this knowledge in communities. 

3. Descriptive/contextual research - Demographic, employment, income, and social assistance trends are all important for understanding the context of poverty and changes that occur over time. We seek to provide data and reports on trends that are relevant to our focus areas and believe that having the 'facts' right is one of the most important building blocks for building movements for change and advocating to decision makers. 

4. Program and Policy Analysis/evaluation - Through the research centre we seek to examine and test evidence based program and policy development. From questions surrounding a Basic Income to the Living Wage and changes to labour laws, our interest is to keep decision makers and governments accountable to using the best policy and program practices available.