Tuesday, Apr 23 2019


The London Poverty Research Centre @ King’s seeks to ask tough questions that reveal provocative solutions that allow us all to work towards seeing an end to poverty in London.

Generously supported by the London Community Foundation, the Sisters of St. Joseph and King's University College, the LPRC @ King’s seeks to play a key role in providing all Londoners, from individuals to organizations, with an accessible pool of relevant research, analysis, and promising practices that can create real change in our city.

Poverty in London is a complex issue, and there are many organizations working towards various poverty reduction strategies. With an operational focus on research, knowledge translation and communications, the LPRC concentrates its efforts in three main areas: precarious employment, poverty reduction and, homelessness.

The LPRC places emphasis on community-based participatory research approaches that involve lived experiences and community members in the generation of research questions and as partners in the research and research dissemination process, so to create “Living Research”.

The LPRC also seeks to be a facilitator of important conversations that bring poverty-related issues in London to the forefront, and seeks to be an advocate and stand beside partner organizations in implementing promising practices that see true change for those in poverty in London.

In 2014, the LPRC created a strategic partnership with King’s University College, allowing the Centre to access a pool of talented researchers whose knowledge and expertise will contribute to the research base of the LPRC.

The LPRC is governed by a Board of Directors and supported by the centre coordinator. 

The Board of Directors is charged with steering the organization into the future. Current members are:

  • Dr. Joseph Michalski (Associate Professor, Sociology & Criminology, King’s University College), Co-Chair
  • Sister Sue Wilson (Sisters of St. Joseph), Co-Chair
  • Glen Pearson
  • Sister Joan Atkinson
  • Sheila Simpson
  • Jennifer Vale