Basic Income Guarantee at King's – Watch Videos Here

Last Tuesday, April 19, the London Poverty Research Centre @ King’s welcomed to campus two of Canada’s leading experts on the issue of Basic Income Guarantee. The event took place as the second part of the series “Basic Income: A Deeper Look”. Below are videos of the talks by our guest speakers, Senator Art Eggleton and Dr. Evelyn Forget.

A special thank you to James Shelley for the videography of this event, and for the collaboration to bring the topic of basic income guarantee to all Londoners for dialogue through the “Basic Income: A Deeper Look” series.

Senator Art Eggleton, Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Member of the Human Rights Committee at Senate of Canada

Dr. Evelyn L. Forget – Professor of Economics and Community Health at the University of Manitoba

Interested to see how you can add your voice to basic income guarantee? Check out this page for some ideas!