Monday, Oct 23 2017
Facts & Reports

Facts & Reports

Infographics Designed by LPRC

The LPRC @ King’s is committed to using knowledge translation principles to develop helpful infographics and research reports that describe trends in poverty in London. Check back here regularly as new infographics are developed for poverty research in London.

Changing Mindsets: Excerpts from our blog site located at

Jobs in LondonA monthly snapshot of employment and unemployment rates in London, updated monthly (current stats showing for May 2016)

Food Security in London: An overview of food security programs in London, developed in 2014

Spotlight on Seniors’ Poverty: Excerpts from our blog site that featured several perspectives on seniors’ poverty for Seniors’ Month (June 2016)

Information Requests and Referrals in London: Aggregate data from 211 London and 4 of London’s Neighbourhood Resource Centres showing trends in what kind of information and services Londoners are seeking out.

Positive Policy in Practice: Child and Family Benefits

Low Income in London: Social Assistance and Employment 

Current LPRC @ King’s Studies

The LPRC @ King’s is currently engaged in research studies and projects aimed to gather knowledge for the three focus areas: precarious work, poverty reduction, and mental health & homelessness.

Food Bank Usage in London, Ontario
Principal Investigator: Tracy Smith-Carrier
Co-Investigators: Jennifer Kirkham, Karen Ross, and Barbara Decker Pierce
A research paper has been submitted to the International Journal of Human Rights Practice and has moved through peer-review. The article is now under revision and will be re-submitted for final review by the end of May 2016.

London Poverty Simulation Research (A Multiple Case Study)
Principal Investigator: Tracy Smith-Carrier
Co-Investigators: Kim Leacy, Michelle Sangster-Bouck, Jessica Justrabo, and Barbara Decker Pierce
The team submitted a research paper to the Journal of Poverty in February 2016, which is currently at the peer-review stage.

London Neighbourhood Profiles
Principal Investigator: Don Kerr
Co-Investigators: Joe Michalski, Siu Ming Kwok, Tracy Smith-Carrier, Dora Tam, Barbara Decker Pierce, and Chad Buckland
Using local data, 2011 Census data, and data from Statistics Canada’s small research division data, the London neighbourhood profiles have been produced. The LPRC is currently working with local partners to enhance the data with qualitative information, and plan to launch the data to the public later in 2016.

Basic Income Study
Principal Investigator: Tracy Smith-Carrier
Co-Investigator: Steven Green
Findings from the basic income study will be presented at the North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress in May 2016. A draft of the paper will be completed shortly and will be forwarded to the journal Basic Income Studies.
To see some more information about Basic Income, see a presentation here.

Precarious Work Study
Principal Investigator: Joe Michalski
Co-Investigators: Bharati Sethi, Don Kerr, Tracy Smith-Carrier, Steven Green, and Wayne Lewchuk
This is a mixed methods study being conducted in partnership with colleagues at  McMaster University, who undertook the precarious work study in Hamilton, and is being applied to London, Ontario. The quantitative portion of this study is complete, and the quantitative portion is currently under way.