Monday, Jun 14 2021
Our Approach

Our Approach


The LPRC employs a range of research, knowledge mobilization, and community organizing approaches that are intended to move our community toward positive systemic changes.  This includes the task of better understanding the context and consequences of poverty in London, exploring/implementing best-practices in creating change, and cultivating opportunities for collective impact.

1. Research

Solving the problem of poverty requires research into the causes and consequences of poverty as well as best practices for poverty reduction. At the center we try to balance between these forms of research, but as a small centre our work tends to be more concentrated in one of them at any given time. 

This approach to research aligns with our methodology for creating change which includes: exposing the reality of poverty in London, proposing solutions to such problems, and advocating for change.  This methodology is accomplished through a strategic coordination of research, community organizing, and knowledge mobilization activities.

Below are three types of research that we engage with. 




2. Knowledge Mobilization 

Moving from research toward community action we focus our attention on knowledge mobilization always asking the question(s): knowledge for whom, by whom and for what? As part of our theory of change we want to build our knowledge sharing networks in order to better collaborate across regions and sectors and to contribute to building the political will within the community to make informed decisions. We also work with a wide range of 'knowers' and 'knowledge holders' seeking to mobilize more traditional research findings as well as to amplify the voices of lived experience.  



3. Community Action

Organizing to advocate effectively and implement systemic change requires the coordination of communities and creating the political will in communities to support needed policy and community development agendas.  The LPRC provides the opportunity for Londoners to join in the movement for economic justice in a variety of ways. The LPRC is a community driven centre embedded in the King's University College and provides a bridge between community-university relationships. 

Volunteer's, students, community organizations and researchers participate in the work of the centre. Bringing these actors together in this way is intended to lead to innovative and effective responses to poverty.