Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals

Hosted by Pillar Nonprofit Network and Innovation Works in partnership with London Community Foundation and Community Foundations of Canada, this workshop offered an opportunity to explore how organizations can leverage its strengths to create a bigger local impact and contribute to this global initiative.

In 2015, United Nations member countries adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals target economic, social and environmental development as they strive to end global poverty, protect our planet and ensure no one is left behind. 

With their focus on strengthening the social fabric of local communities and their power to convene stakeholders, community foundations play a vital role in driving progress toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, a report from the Council on Foundations argues. Community Foundations across the country have taken the lead on connecting what’s happening in our communities to the UN’s global agenda for action through Vital Signs reports.

The workshop discussed topics such as:

  • What are the most pressing issues in our community and how do they relate to the SDGs?
  • What do these goals mean for you as a nonprofit organization, social enterprise or individual invested in positive community impact?
  • What role will you and your organization play in the story of London as we address the SDGs locally?
  • What is your organization already doing that might be contributing to the SDGs? And how can you boost your efforts?


Alliance 2030 has an interactive section on the SDGs where the user can click on each goal to dive deeper into each goal.


The Generation SDG Communiqué captures some of the preliminary thoughts emerging from the Generation SDG Summit and includes:    

  • Policy recommendations
  • Strategies for communities to map their existing ecosystems and develop robust community plans
  • Accountability frameworks 
  • Principles for partnerships and innovation to achieve the SDGs