Poverty and Its Associates

Our blog is about to begin a series of posts related to the existence of material poverty. These posts will not be scientific or “numeric” in nature, will not attempt to prove once again that poverty exists. Here are the reasons.

When ample evidence of poverty fails to tip the scales of public policy, it would not be ridiculous to conclude that the working hypothesis has come up short; and that the agents sustaining the existence of material poverty lie beyond what is scientifically measurable. One could cite suspicion of or indifference to the facts about poverty as examples. The other reason for taking this approach is that data on poverty does not breathe, does not sigh, and does not groan. Instead, then, of providing more proof, the posts will attempt to point out some of the “low-profile” agents embedded in our culture that may be working together to perpetuate poverty in our society. By contextualizing material poverty - hence the title “Poverty And Its Associates” - the aim will be to “catch the conscience” of more citizens, who, as a result, may choose to support the struggle for social and economic justice.


This blog series is being written by Len Van Harten and the posts don't necessarily reflect the position of the London Poverty Research Centre. Len lives in Thorndale, Ontario. He has worked in group homes, in classrooms, and in nonprofit housing. He believes that if you aren’t confused, you aren’t paying close enough attention to the world around you.