The LPRC Joins Forces to Bring Discussions on BIG to London

Part of the strength of the London Poverty Research Centre @ King’s lies in creating partnerships with individuals, initiatives and organizations who are working in similar capacities.

The LPRC @ King’s has taken a long time to understand the issue of Basic Income Guarantee (also referred to as Guaranteed Annual Income, Basic Livable Income, etc) and has been involved in much of the research behind the idea and assessing the concept of BIG for London & Middlesex.

As such, the LPRC has joined forces with partners to bring London, Ontario a series of 2 events entitled “Basic Income: A Deeper Look”.

On Monday, April 18, 7:00pm, go to the Wolf Hall (Central Library) to hear national experts in economics, law, and social policy ‘face off’ in an Oxford style debate about the merit of providing all Canadians with a guaranteed income. (Presented by London Public Library and Urban League of London. Registration is optional.) See more about the speakers and who will be arguing “for” BIG and “against” big in this Oxford-style debate at the website at and view the event poster here.

On April 19, join the London Poverty Research Centre @ King’s University College for an evening of learning and conversation on the topic of Basic Income Guarantee. Hear from the nation’s leading experts on Basic Income Guarantee and participate in the discussion as we consider how Basic Income Guarantee can work for London & Middlesex. Registration can be found here.

The evening’s speakers are:

Senator Art Eggleton, Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Member of the Human Rights Committee at Senate of Canada

Dr. Evelyn L. Forget – Professor of Economics and Community Health at the University of Manitoba and Visiting Scholar, Massey College

We are excited to build momentum around the discussion of Basic Income Guarantee. Stay tuned to the discussion through Twitter at the hashtag #BIGLdn.