Monday, Sep 27 2021
Co-creating a city-based indicator set

Co-creating a city-based indicator set

The initial set of localized SDGs for London, Ontario was identified through a community-based approach. Our research was based on 13 local documents. Three main documents were mapped to the SDGs. They are the London For All report, London Community Foundation: vital signs report and City of London 2019-2023 Strategic Plan. Respectively, they address eleven, fifteen and thirteen of the seventeen sustainable development goals.


London For All


London Community Foundation

Vital Signs

City of London Strategic Plan

Focus Areas


We also collected the input of 69 individuals from 41 organizations including Middlesex-London Health Unit, Western University, Fanshawe College, Pillar Nonprofit Network, London Environmental Network, London Economic Development Corporation, rTraction, Employment Sector Council, several departments within the City of London, Intersex London among others. 

We acknowledge that there are many local voices that have not taken part in our research yet. Our local indicator set is a working in progress and we will continue to refine by adding the analysis of relevant community documents, conversations with local champions and working with data partners.

Four main learnings emerged from our research so far. They were shaped as principles to guide our city-based indicator set.

  • Integration
  • Local Matters
  • Shared Ownership
  • Trade-offs: (1) Completeness vs. simplicity, (2) Relevance vs. comparability, (3) Static vs. adaptive and (4) Bottom-up vs. top-down.


  • London Ontario SDG Indicators: A city-based set of indicators localized from the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 2020. View full report here.
  • Decision tree: a localization tool for translating the global indicators
  • List of main gaps in the original list of global indicators