Saturday, May 8 2021
SDG10 - Reduced Inequalities

SDG10 - Reduced Inequalities

  Reduce inequalities within and among countries.


Local Indicator


Wage Gender Gap (SDG5, SDG8)

Wages according to National Occupation Classification (NOC) matrix by gender.

Labour Share of GDP (SDG8)

Labour share of GDP, comprising wages and social protection transfers

Educational attainment (SDG4)

Educational Attainment [disaggregated]*

Poverty rate (LIM-AT) (SDG1)

Proportion of population living below the poverty line [disaggregated]* (Low-income measure LIM- AT)

Income Inequality

Average Income by Quintile over time

Newcomer Retention

Percentage of immigrants that are still living in London ten years after their arrival


Proportion of population reporting having personally felt discriminated against or harassed in the previous 12 months on the basis of a ground of discrimination prohibited under international human rights law

Bottom 40% income share

Share of total after-tax income held by 40% of the population at the bottom of the income distribution

Income Growth

Growth rate of income per capita among the bottom 40 per cent of the population and the total population

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