Saturday, May 8 2021
SDG2 - Zero Hunger

SDG2 - Zero Hunger

  End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.


Local Indicator


Food Security (SDG1)

Prevalence of moderate or severe food insecurity in the population, based on the Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES)

Urban Agriculture (SDG15)

Percentage of urban area under productive and sustainable agriculture

Food waste recovery (SDG12)

Total number of lbs of food being diverted from the dump

Obesity (SDG3)

Percentage of population with BMI above normal levels

Food literacy (SDG4)

Number of people exposed to food literacy programs annually

Small Scale food production

Average income of small-scale food producers, by sex and indigenous status

Sustainable Agriculture

Proportion of agricultural area under productive and sustainable agriculture

Food access

Percentage of population within 600m from a grocery store

Food Bank usage

Number of people accessing the London Food Bank [disaggregated]*

Organic Food Production

Number of acres of organic food production (proxy for sustainable food production )


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