Saturday, Oct 16 2021
London Calling - Community Wealth Building

London Calling - Community Wealth Building

A collaborative action research and community mobilization project aimed at embedding, accelerating, and contributing to equitable economic development practices in London. The project seeks to create decent work opportunities, identify current and emerging projects of this new economy, and bridge between larger national and provincial networks working in the same area. 


What are we doing? 

  1. Developing a tool kit of community wealth building strategies that can be used in London and other contexts (Including highlighting ongoing projects in London which are part of this movement)
  2. Mobilizing two action tables to accelerate community wealth building strategies in London 
  3. Host a one day regional knowledge sharing and design jam conference on community wealth building (Fall 2019)

Action Tables 



Living Wage Action Table 


Goals of Living Wage Action Table 

  1. Revive London Living Wage Network
  2. Update calculation for 2019
  3. Participate in Ontario Living Wage Network coordinated activities
  4. Facilitate an employer recognition program


Impact Investing in Low Income Communities

Goals of Impact Investing Table

  1. Convene group of stakeholders to implement a community wealth building project
  2. Contribute to regional knowledge/capacity building for social impact community wealth building strategies
  3. Participate in broader community wealth building networks

London Calling is funded by the generous support of: