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Poverty Reduction

Poverty Reduction

Poverty reduction refers to a broad set of strategies which seek to reduce the amount of people experiencing poverty, to break the cycle of poverty, and to reduce the impact of poverty on individuals, families, and communities. Poverty reduction efforts range in focus from individual support and basic needs provisions, to systems change organizing and advocacy. In some projects the goal is to dampen the impact of living in poverty by providing access to health, education, housing etc., while in other cases the goals can be more direct ensuring that people have enough money to be secure in today’s economy through redistributive policies.

In London, poverty reduction has been a central focus from City Hall over the past several years. On September 16, 2015 the city Launched the Mayor's Advisory Panel on Poverty with the mandate to develop recommendations on what more the community could do to address poverty in London. This panel had the task of creating a broad-based poverty reduction strategy – which would be titled London for All.

While the LPRC is focused on working in London, we see that regional strategies are related to and shaped by the broader provincial, national, and even international contexts. For this reason we also provide select information from these larger scales including information on the provincial and national poverty reduction strategies.

Our focus is to keep up to date, informed and participate in poverty reduction strategies. 

The three most recent poverty reduction strategies are listed below.


London For All, A Roadmap to End Poverty in London
Final Report by Mayor's Panel on Poverty, March 2016.
The aim of the report is to end poverty in London in 20 years. The report includes 112 recommendations, 27 of them to be accomplished in 12 months.

Bridges Out of Poverty | Circles
Bridges Out of Poverty | Circles is a community initiative coordinated by Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes that is comprised of caring and compassionate individuals who meet to share information, support, resources, meals, and friendship.

Child & Youth Network
Ending poverty in the community by raising awareness, reducing the impact and breaking the cycle.

Poverty Trends in London
Ending Poverty Action Plan 2012-2015
London's Child and Youth Agenda 2017-2021


Alternative Poverty Reduction Strategies

Basic Income Guarantee 

A basic income is a payment to eligible couples or individuals or individuals that ensures a minimum income level, regardless of employment status.

Basic Income Canada Network
Ontario Basic Income Pilot

Living Wage

A Living Wage is different from the minimum wage. Participating is not mandatory, it is a voluntary program employers may implement in their workplaces. A Living Wage reflects what earners need to make in order that their household can meet its basic needs. It ensures families are not under severe financial stress, promotes social inclusion, and helps families achieve a basic level of economic security.

Living Wage London  

LPRC Infographs & Discussion Papers on Poverty in London

Low Income and Social Assistance in London
Principal Investigator: Don Kerr
Don Kerr explores demographic and economic trends impacting Londoners on Low Income and Social Assistance. Read the report here


Basic Income Study
Principal Investigator: Tracy Smith-Carrier
Co-Investigator: Steven Green
Findings from the basic income study will be presented at the North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress in May 2016. A draft of the paper will be completed shortly and will be forwarded to the journal Basic Income Studies. To see some more information about Basic Income, see a presentation here.


Realizing Our Potential: Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy
2014 - 2019

Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy
Government of Canada

Dignity for All: A National Anti-Poverty Plan

Canada Without Poverty


News Updates

Ontario's poverty numbers are growing again — the opposite of the rest of Canada, April 2018

The latest Statistics Canada data show that in 2016, the percentage of Ontarians living in low-income exceeded the national average for the fifth straight year.

1.2 million Canadian children living in poverty: census, Global News, September 2017

Census information released by Statistics Canada Wednesday shows that in 2015, nearly 1.2 million children across Canada were living in low-income households, representing about 17 per cent of all Canadian children.